For Teachers


Applied Practice was founded by teachers for teachers. When two high school teachers established our company in 1997, they did so because they had discovered an unfulfilled need in their own classrooms. To address this need, they created integrated test preparation that enhanced their daily lesson plans rather than distracting students from their current literary unit simply to develop test-taking skill.

Today, our resources continue to be developed by teachers for teachers. We firmly believe that YOU are OUR best resource for developing effective curriculum. To that end, we encourage teachers to participate in discussion through Applied Practice teacher forums to

  • share activities and ideas that you find useful in conjunction with Applied Practice resources
  • suggest literary titles and topical subjects for future Applied Practice resources
  • discuss your classroom needs and offer solutions for teachers using our materials

Here at Applied Practice, our writing, product development, sales, and social media teams are simply delighted at the prospect of collaborating with you, the teacher, as together we brainstorm ideas and solutions that will enrich your students' learning experience!