Benefits for Administrators

Empower your teachers

Applied Practice materials are proven to increase student test scores on standardized tests. The material is easily incorporated into Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts curriculum to empower your teachers to teach essential skills, while simultaneously providing students with invaluable preparation to ensure success on standardized tests.

The comprehensive Applied Practice catalog provides preparation material for the advanced placement, SAT, and state proficiency exams. The depth of our catalog makes Applied Practice an excellent tool for driving ELA vertical curriculum integration through grades 6 -12. For curriculum directors, we recommend horizontal adoption of our ELA workbooks across our catalog of test formats to ensure that essential skills are taught and test scores improved, while also using our material as a tool to vertically integrate your curriculum. Although our Science and Social Studies materials are presently available only for advanced high school classes, our long-term goal at Applied Practice is to establish the depth and breadth of materials for these subjects that we currently offer for English Language Arts.

Give your teachers the Applied Practice advantage. Our materials allows teachers to focus on the curriculum while simultaneously preparing students for standardized tests. As student anxiety decreases, classroom involvement improves. Student understanding and comfort-level with the material deepens. Parents see the difference. The Applied Practice materials will empower your teachers with ready-made curriculum while helping your district meet yearly progress requirements.

A summary of benefits of using Applied Practice materials for administrators includes the following:

  • a standards-aligned ELA, Science, and Social Studies program
  • an effective, standardized curriculum
  • a systematic approach to teaching critical skills
  • student mastery of critical analysis and writing standards
  • implementation of research-based strategies that improve student test scores
  • a methodology for teaching core texts using best practices
  • continuity of instruction in a cohesive curriculum
  • ease of differentiation of instruction to meet student needs
  • concrete, guided instruction
  • classroom strategies that help bring success on standardized tests
  • motivated, focused teachers

District purchasing discounts are available. Please contact us at or 866-374-3768 today to learn more about how your district can benefit from adopting our Applied Practice curriculum materials.