Benefits for Teachers

Test scores rise up to 20% or more

In today’s exam-driven environment, teaching a core curriculum has never been more challenging. English teachers want to explore the beauty of the written word; Science teachers want to convey the artistry of nature; History teachers want to unlock the stores of intelligence to be gleaned from the past. Meanwhile, school administrators are under increasing pressure to improve standardized test scores.

Given the limits of a normal school day, who has time to design classroom plans to satisfy both? With the help of Applied Practice integrated test preparation and core curriculum materials, both goals can be accomplished without sacrifice. Applied Practice supplementary teaching workbooks are created by teachers for teachers, weaving stimulating topical or literary instruction in with standardized test preparation. No other publisher offers a comparable, integrated solution. With Applied Practice teaching materials, you can expect to see student standardized test scores rise up to 20% or more, based on our historical results. As student test anxiety decreases, classroom involvement improves. Students’ understanding and comfort-level with the material deepens. Parents see the difference.

What’s more, because Applied Practice publications are easy-to-use, “right out of the box,” even inexperienced teachers can effectively prepare students for testing, while simultaneously developing key skills in core subjects. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Benefits of using Applied Practice workbooks for teachers include:

  • improves test scores on state proficiency exams, college entrance tests, and advanced placement exams
  • decreases student test anxiety by providing regular classroom practice in test format
  • provides a literature-based English curriculum in reading and writing for all levels in grades 6-12
  • provides unit-based supplemental curriculum in advanced science and history classes.
  • ends the criticism of “teaching to the test” at the expense of literature and the curriculum
  • liberates teachers from the time consuming task of creating their own materials in the various standardized test formats
  • provides students practice in higher level thinking skills and critical analysis.
  • provides teachers charts for tracking student progress for prescribed state standards
  • has annotated answer explanations for teachers and correlates answers to specific state standards for documentation in teacher lesson plans
  • has multiple teaching uses, including:
    • benchmark testing for state assessments
    • documentation of state standards and essential skills being covered in class
    • homework
    • interactive group work
    • individual assessments
    • class, grade level, and school wide assessments
    • tracking of student progress

Students will:

  • Increase test scores
  • Improve critical reading skills
  • Improve critical laboratory skill and analysis
  • Improve writing, revising, and editing skills
  • Improve ability to synthesize and organize information

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