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What our customers are saying

Laura Cronin, teacher and English Department Chair writes:

"Applied Practice has made my job as an English teacher much easier and more enjoyable! Each Applied Practice test preparation book provides grammar, vocabulary, critical reading, and writing practices that align with the novels that I am currently teaching. Gone are the days of teaching grammar, test preparation, vocabulary and essay writing in separate units. Thanks to applied practice, I can conveniently integrate all of these skills into my classic study of any novel!"

Stephanie LeGrone, AP Chemistry teacher from Alabama writes:

"They are AWESOME! I've been using the AP* Chemistry review books for the past few weeks and the students love them. It covers everything and makes them go back over all the small stuff they forgot. It's also great for me to make sure I get everything covered. Great job!"

Dianne T. from Missouri writes:

"Let me start by thanking you for developing such substantive and relevant AP prep activities..."

Lyn I. from California writes:

"I am sure glad that I found out about you. The teacher who let me in on your questions says they are the ONLY ones she's found that challenges AP students and that can help integrate test prep into the literature that we are teaching."

Mary L. from North Carolina writes:

"These books are priceless!"

Elizabeth Aston-Sullivan AP* teacher from Texas writes:

"Applied Practice materials are an invaluable tool. The questions give the students first hand practice which demystifies the test so that students have a sense of being fully prepared to take the AP test."

Liz Michael, AP teacher/reader from Texas writes:

"I was at TCTE as a presenter and loved your material. My entire department as well as the 9th and 10th grade teachers want titles. You have put together a valuable tool - for those who teach AP, and for those who don't but want to inspire their students to reach higher than they do without such tools."

Susan Sanchez from California writes:

"I'm very pleased with the materials because they duplicate the AP format. I also like them because I'm a new teacher, and they offer plenty of essay questions and multiple choice selections. I've recommended your booklets to everyone I can find and have bought several for teachers in the English Department."