Why use Applied Practice materials?

Oftentimes, students learn by listening to class discussions, memorizing review sheets, and then taking recall tests. This, unfortunately, does not give them adequate preparation for the types of reading comprehension, analysis, and free-response writing demanded of them on the standardized tests they take, such as state proficiency, college entrance exams, or Advanced Placement tests.

Using Applied Practice materials in the classroom as an instructional tool enables the students to develop, practice, and review skills and knowledge gained throughout the year. It allows teachers to pinpoint their students' areas of strengths and weaknesses; by tracking students' progress, instructors are then able to design lesson plans to strengthen any skill areas which need improvement.

How are Applied Practice materials different from the other test prep materials on the market?

Many schools routinely administer practice tests to prepare students for their state proficiency, college entrance, or Advanced Placement exams. Unfortunately, this depletes valuable class time that could be spent on the specific lessons and skills included in the lessons plans.

Applied Practice materials are unique in that each workbook includes practices related to a particular unit of study or work of literature. These practices also replicate the format and style of questions typically seen on a given standardized test. Teachers may choose to assign sections of the practice test as homework or group work, or as unit tests or quizzes. Because the content of the questions covers the unit of study or literature assigned for class, test prep is then seamlessly incorporated into a teacher's lesson plans without ever deviating from the curriculum.

The Applied Practice materials focus on the classroom curriculum helps prevents the criticism of teachers and schools "teaching to the test," or offering purely repetitive test drills as test preparation apart from necessary classroom instruction.

Will using the materials really help the students and teachers?

Yes. Schools and districts using the materials have reported test scores increasing up to 20% or more. Teachers report that having the materials saves them many hours of time preparing tests in the required formats. Curriculum directors say that integrating Applied Practice materials across formats ensures that all students are able to receive consistent instruction and test prep, and allows a school and district to offer valuable guidance for new teachers.