E-book Information & Instructions

All e-books in our catalog require installation of Adobe Digital Editions desktop software in order to view on your computer. Please DO NOT attempt to open your e-book with Adobe Reader, Adobe Pro, or any other Adobe product. Adobe Digital Editions is specifically designed for e-book management and is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

Please allow up to one business day after purchase before attempting to download your e-book. You will receive an e-mail with download instructions once payment and educator status have been verified. Providing your school's full name, phone number, and using a school email address in your shopping cart or registration page ("My Account") is helpful to us in verifying your credentials as a qualified educator. Professional tutors and consultants should provide their company name, and may additionally need to provide employment verification on letterhead from their educational consulting firm.

Adobe Digital Editions & Ebook installation instructions:

  1. Visit Adobe Digital Editions to download the required software that will allow you to open, view, and print your ebook.

  2. Once you arrive at the Adobe Digital Editions download page, you will notice several options to download Digital Editions for your MacIntosh or Windows computer. We actually recommend Version 3.0, which seems to result in fewer installation errors. (If you download or update to Version 4.0, let us know if you experience any error messages and we can help you resolve them.)

  3. Select the appropriate Digital Editions download link for your computer from this page. Depending on your computer settings, you may need to save the file to your desktop before the pop-up window appears for installation. At this point, you will click RUN to install your Digital Editions software. Check the appropriate boxes to complete your installation.

  4. Authorization windowEither during or after your software installation, you will need to authorize your computer with an Adobe ID. This ID is what identifies you as the owner of your ebooks, making it possible to download them on an alternate computer at home or work. Make sure the eBook Vendor field says “Adobe ID” and then enter your email address and password. If you do not currently have an Adobe ID, you may click on the “Create an Adobe ID” link at this time. Once you have completed your Adobe registration, return to your ADE software to enter your Adobe ID and password.

  5. Once your software is installed, you can download your ebook from the download link that was emailed to you, or by logging into your account at appliedpractice.com and accessing your “My E-books” page.

  6. Click on the ebook download link and select “Open” – some browsers may require you to “Save” the file to your desktop before clicking on the downloaded file notification. Either way, once you open the ascm file, your ebook should open up and appear on your Adobe Digital Editions bookshelf.

  7. Now you can browse through your ebook just as you would a hardcopy book. Student practices and worksheets can be printed off for your students by selecting "Print" from the "File" menu.

  8. Your ebook will remain on your Adobe Digital Editions bookshelf indefinitely, until you either delete the ebook or uninstall the software from your computer.

  9. Should you experience error messages at any time during installation of the software or downloading of your ebook, please email a screen shot of your error message to info@appliedpractice.com for troubleshooting and further instructions.